About Us

Gary McGuire, Owner & CEO

Gary McGuire Development, Inc. was founded in 2007 by Gary McGuire. We stand firmly behind our vendors and clients as a self-performing company driven by determination, desire, and discipline. We partner with general contractors and pre-cast companies to complete projects with team-based efforts. Our experienced selfperforming
team are certified, trained, skilled, in specialty concrete, saw cutting, and final interior/exterior cleaning. Some previous projects include specialty concrete finishing work for commercial, residential, and industrial parking garages, and city waterwork facilities. We provide carpentry services for multi-family living units, and final clean
for all buildings.

Our company commits to exceeding expectations, project success, timely completion, safety, and consistent competitive pricing is evidenced by our repeat customers.

Our Promise to You


Gary McGuire Development self employs experienced, skilled, trained and certified specialists. 

Reliable Safety

We are committed to providing a consistently safe and healthy work environment for our employees and yours.


We are devoted to serving the needs of our clients with flexibility, attention to detail, dependability, and predictable turnaround.