Construction Solutions

Project teams often are asked to fill in for scopes of work that they don’t traditionally complete. If you find yourself in this situation, GMD has several specialty crews available to for direct and sub-contracting. Look at our list below or contact us today for a specific scope of work.

  • Concrete Labor - GMD provides a variety of concrete labor scopes of work. These scopes generally include, form setting, grouting, patching, finishing and flat work. We also undertake custom scopes of work.
  • Framing and Carpentry - GMD keeps artisan carpenters on staff for both project framing and carpentry tasks. We help with custom scopes that include wood and metal stud framing.
  • Jobsite Labor - GMD specializes in providing OSHA certified, bonded and insured/WC experienced labor to all your job sites. We keep on staff crews for the following scopes of work.
  • Safety Flagging
  • Interior and Exterior Clean-Up Crews
  • Debris Removal
  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential Fire Watch
  • We also use OSHA certified staffing for custom scopes of work. Give us a call or send a message for more information.

Our Promise to You


Gary McGuire Development self employs experienced, skilled, trained and certified specialists. 

Reliable Safety

We are committed to providing a consistently safe and healthy work environment for our employees and yours.


We are devoted to serving the needs of our clients with flexibility, attention to detail, dependability, and predictable turnaround.